Reports you should be using to check your business performance…. Each day, week or month, you should be printing these reports and analysing your business performance. Doing this gives you an understanding of  your data to help run... Read More
Single-Touch Payroll - 23 May 2018
Single-Touch Payroll      …. So, Single-Touch Payroll is nearly here, but is your business ready? If you are a Payroll Officer, or process payroll, there are steps you need to prepare for... Read More
Shoebox Accounting - 18 January 2018
So, are you one of these people who have a shoe box or several shoe boxes full of receipts, payments and customer invoices?Or do you have bits of paper, receipts and payments all over your working desk, in your glove box or tool box? Or even on the dashboard of... Read More
How do we find a great bookkeeper?Training and accreditationAll bookkeepers should have some sort of bookkeeping or accounting training and qualifications, and be registered as a BAS Agent with the Tax Practitioners Board. This... Read More
Why should End of Financial Year be a stressful time? As a business owner you need to plan ahead to meet all the compliance obligations and deadlines. An important goal is to implement systems and to be organised. Keep up to date with your finances and collate all your... Read More
Bank feeds lets you automatically import your banking account transactions into your software package from your bank or other financial institutions. Once your bank feeds are automatically running, you will no longer need to download and import your bank statements into your... Read More
So, not sure what Cloud Accounting means, well, let me put it in a nut shell. Cloud Accounting is accessing software applications and your data files remotely. Users access this through the internet or other network. Your data is securely stored, to which frees the business from having... Read More